Privacy Policy

Name of Service

Facilities Management – Civic Hall Hire

What personal information is being processed and what for

Booking forms are required when rooms are hired within Macclesfield Town Hall and Municipal Buildings in Crewe.

These forms contain personal information, including:
Customers Name and address, Telephone Numbers, Email address, Reason for hiring the rooms/building, Event date/s of hire, Charity Number(to obtain discount) Signature and date, Booking Reference, Booking times, Equipment required, Caterers/Bar suppliers name and Telephone Number or Email address.

A personal file is created to hold the signed booking form, costing quotes, Receipt of deposit /full amount paid, payment date & method, copy of Invoice raised for payment. Function/room set up notes from customer. Copy of Customers Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment form/s.

Why we are allowed to use your information

By booking a room within Macclesfield Town Hall or Municipal Buildings, Crewe you are entering into a contract with Cheshire East Council. Article 6(1)(2) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows us to process your personal information for the performance of a contract.

Who we will share your information with

A shared file is set up for each hirer with the information detailed above for access only by the Marketing and Civic Buildings Coordinator, their Line Manager and the Property Helpdesk Assistants. This is in case the customer makes contact when the Marketing and Civic Buildings Coordinator is not available and they need to obtain this information to make alterations or take payments or cancellations.

Cheshire East Finance Department will be provided with information for the purpose of processing payments.

Your information is not shared with anyone who is not connected with the booking/payment processes unless required by law. Information may be shared with law enforcement agencies on request for the purposes of apprehension and prosecution of offenders or prevention and detection of crime, including fraud.

Where we get your information from

Directly supplied by the individual/s who are hiring the room/s or building/s.

How long we will keep your personal information

Financial /personal records are kept for six years due to deposits taken and full payments made for hire and audit purposes.

Full details of retention schedules are available on the Council’s Information Asset Register.

How your information is stored

Information is stored on council servers, electronically with security controls in place including passwords, authorised user access and encryptions.

Access is only provided to those that need it.

If paper copies are received, they are scanned into the customer’s personal file on the computer. No paper files are kept with customers details, everything is scanned and saved electronically and the paper copies are disposed of in the confidential waste.

What happens if you don’t provide us with your information

We are unable to provide the service without trace of personal details

Will your information be used to make automated decisions


Your rights

You have a number of rights regarding your personal data, including withdrawing your consent where we have asked for it. You can also ask for a copy of the information we hold about you and ask us to correct anything that is wrong. For detailed information about your rights please see our privacy notice at